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PROSE for Journal Paper Reviews

PROSE comprehensively automates the review process to assist the organisers of academic journals. The organisational head of many journals is the Editor-in-Chief. With some journals, the Editor-in-Chief may manage the reviews of all the papers themselves. Journals having a larger throughput of papers may require a layer of Associate Editors to assist with the review process. PROSE is able to handle both types of organisation.

PROSE provides a number of different levels of access for various members of the journal editorial organisation:-

Each user has their own username and password, and they are allowed access only to the information they require.

The Editor-in-Chief has full access to the entire event. They have the ability to:-

When papers are submitted to PROSE the Editor-in-Chief has the responsibility of assigning them so that they can be reviewed. If it is required, there will be a number of Associate Editors, who assist the Editor-in-Chief in carrying out the review process. If this is the case, the Editor-in-Chief allocates each paper to an Associate Editor, who the manages the review process for the papers they are assigned. If the journal does not have Associate Editors, the PC Chair allocates reviewers for each paper and manages the review process themself.

Associate Editors are able to see papers allocated to them and their status. The Associate Editor allocates papers to reviewers, and makes the final judgement on the decision communicated to authors when the reviews have been received.

Reviewers access papers that have been allocated to them and carry out the refereeing process. The Reviewers enter the results of the review process they have carries out onto an on-line form.

Reviewer Database: PROSE assists with the allocation of reviewers by holding a database of reviewers interests. This may be consulted by the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editor when papers are being matched with reviewers. This helps to ensure that the reviewer has the appropriate specialist knowledge required to referee the paper.

Authors submit papers by uploading a pdf document onto PROSE. When two reviews have been completed, and the outcome (paper accepted, accepted with modifications or rejected) decided by the Associate Editor or Editor-in-Chief, the system will convey to them the results of the review process. Authors cannot find out from PROSE the identity of the reviewers.

The Administrator carries out organisational and system management functions.