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PROSE Paper Review Software

PROSE is an internet-based system for managing the review process for technical and academic papers intended for publication through journals, conferences and similar events. PROSE can drastically reduce the time and effort required by already-busy event organisers and journal editors.

PROSE automates the following phases of the submission and review process:-

  • receipt of draft papers or abstracts
  • making these available to referees for review
  • receipt of the outcome of the reviews via an online form
  • communicating the decision about acceptance or rejection to authors
  • receipt of final draft papers

PROSE also provides a web-based paper upload system, giving your event a far more professional impression.

For a surpringly small fee we host PROSE on professional servers, saving you the time needed to set up and host a system yourself.


Read here how PROSE can help with conferences or journals , see a guided tour or find out how to contact us .